Pop Tart Toys?

When does a house become a museum? Probably when you go back to visit.

Went to the old homestead this past weekend and was amazed at the treasure trove of pop culture kitsch that has been there for most of my life.

Including these little guys.

I have no idea where they came from, though my mom thinks that she sent in Pop Tart labels for them. A quick Google search for “Pop Tart Toys” (and other variations on the theme) yielded nothing, so I’m just posting this hoping for some hits that’ll point me in the right direction.

The figures are painted wood, possibly with a spool base, with cloth and hair glued on. In the picture, I think, are a couple of Mexican banditos (how’s that for a stereotype?), an Uncle Sam, a Little Red Riding Hood, and a Caveman.

The poor toys have lived a hard life and are pretty beaten up, so it’s not like they’re worthy anything more than a memory. But that’s enough.

Does anyone have an idea where these came from? Or does anyone have a hint on where to search for answers? Comment to let me know.


37 thoughts on “Pop Tart Toys?

  1. No real information on these guys, per se, but my wife has a few of them, as well- a couple of British- themed ones (Beefeater, Palace guard) and a couple of pirates (I think). She is also pretty sure that they came from Pop-Tarts, but can’t offer any other info, either. So, your Mom’s Pop-Tarts idea is likely accurate, but we haven’t found anything on them, either…

    • Cool! Thanks for the research. My mom was always ordering stuff like that. I think I have some wacky Welch’s or Kool-Aid cups around here somewhere …

      I’ll keep looking (and hopefully you will too) and we’ll get to the bottom of this!

  2. They are from Pop-Tarts, approximately late 60’s, maybe early 70’s. From what I can remember, we would buy Pop-Tarts and cut the stamps on the package to accumulate what was needed. Send stamps in and receive our character – which was a big deal back then. I have the Wee Scotsman and my brother and sister both have the Beefeater. I’ve been looking for these.

    • Thanks for the info! These things have been around my parents’ house for as long as I can remember. It’s amazing they’ve survived this far!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I was trying to research these little guys too. Yes, definitely Pop Tarts. We would send for them and couldn’t wait to get them. I sold my collection at a flea market when I was 13 (I’m 50). Wish I would have kept them. So many fun memories. Thanks for posting the picture!

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  5. I have 7 of these guys from pop tarts collected as kid. Are they worth anything? Can’t seem to find much about them.

  6. The characters were 2 proof of purchase stamps and I believe 95 cents or so. I sent away for the Uncle Sam when I was around 10. I don’t know what happened to my original, and I actually forgot about them until I stopped a a yard sale in my neighborhood and spotted an Uncle Sam in very good shape, for a dollar! After I paid for it, I told the woman how I remember sending for it when I was a child. I think she regretted selling it at that point. Anyway, I found snap crackle and pop ones from Kelloggs cereal, the Little Red Riding Hood, and a Monk since, So fun to collect, I just wish I knew how many different ones there were? I have searched also, and can not find any official information about them. May try to e-mail Kelloggs???

    • Awesome story, thank you for sharing! I should email Kelloggs … and keep my eyes peeled at yard sales!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Thanks for posting. I also have the little cave man from the 70s (when I was just a kid) and was wondering myself where it came from; our family recollection is also from Pop Tarts.

  8. I have five of them. The Brit, pirate, Bandito, one that looks like a sculpter with a black tilted hat and a little guy with a blue hat and glasses that looks like a swarf.

  9. I have the pirate, 2 wee Scotsmen, two of what appear to be little dwarfs (red figures, white beards, slightly conical green caps), Tony the Tiger, a beefeater, two Swiss guards and two royal guards. Yes, my sister and I would send away for them by cutting out certain stamps on the Pop-tart boxes, plus a small S&H fee. This was back in the early 1970s; I finally moved them into my house several years ago, as no one else in the family seemed interested in keeping them. They live in front of my desktop screen, all lined up in a wavy row.

  10. Such a treat to see these! I have a few. My grandma sent away for them when I was little. We saved the pop tart boxes and would mail away for them. I had Uncle Sam and several others I don’t see here. Getting them in the mail was like Christmas! Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you for sharing the memories! I just don’t see projects like this any more … but maybe that’s because I’ve limited the amount of pop tarts I’ve bought! haha

      Thanks for commenting!

  11. I came across four the other day – Uncle Sam, the Beefeater, a Swiss guy (I think) and a Mandarin Chinese. If I remember correctly, I had to save three box tops for each plus a buck or so for shipping. Would love to find more of them. It was tough finding any information on them (even on “pop tart history” sites).

  12. I had been thinking about these little guys and couldn’t remember their names so I just now Googled it and here I am. I had a whole collection – no clue what happened to them. Didn’t the collection have a name? Thanks for the great memories. Did you ever contact Kelloggs?

  13. I collected these with my Dad, who passed away over 20 years ago. He was disabled and this was one of the things we could do together. I don;t know what happened to our collection, but I found some over the years. I am still searching and now am encouraged to see and hear of ones I never had.

  14. I have several. I did NOT get them from Pop Tarts. I remember eating Raisin Bran until I couldn’t stand it any more. But, yes, there was a box top requirement and a buck or so. Late 60’s or very early 70’s based on where I lived at the time (AF brat).

  15. You are exactly right! I sent in box tops from my favorite brown sugar pop tarts to collect the “dolls” and so wish I had them now!!!

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