Fuzzy memories: Stussy cap

Was moving stuff around in the closet lately (I certainly wasn’t cleaning it), and came across the green wool Stussy fitted cap that I hadn’t seen in years. It was like finding an old friend. It’s one of three Stussy caps I own (or have owned), but it’s by far my favorite, which explains why I’ve kept it.

Although I’m not sure why.

I bought the cap at a Belk store in Albemarle, N.C., around 1993-94 for probably $16 (I always seemed to overpay in the 1990s …), and though the cap never really fit too well on this melon of a head, I’ve never had the heart to throw it out.

I only lost it for years in closets. Am I the only one who does that?

Stussy has since moved on to urban hip-hop wear (before the company fell out of favor with the trend-setters in that category … at least, according to Wikipedia). It seems to have forgotten its surf-punk roots, out of which this hat was birthed.

So I’d like some information. The only thing on the inside of the hat is a tag that says “Stussy Capz” and “Made in the USA.” I’d like to find out when the hat was made, how many, etc., etc.

Can anyone direct me to a good vintage clothing site that catalogs such things? Did anyone else wear Stussy? Do you still?

In the meantime, I’ll sit around the house, lounging on the couch boring the family with fuzzy memories of those wild hat-buying days 1990s in Stanly County.

It probably won’t take too long.


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