Another ‘Iron Man 2’ sketch card?

Different town, different chain store … same result: a David Mack sketch card. This one’s a little different, but obviously from the same artist.

When I pulled my first Iron Man 2 sketch card and posted it, people were so nice to direct me to David Mack and information about sketch cards in general. It’s a pretty cool thing.

And it looks like me and this David Mack guy (who I now follow on Twitter, as one is apt to do in these days of the social media milleu) should really get to know each other … which just means I should start getting my hands on some of this Dardevil and Kabuki stuff he does.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, I keep buying Iron Man 2 cards because I need #68 (no … that specific card is NOT on ebay).Darn that marketing research that knows how to keep my buying!

If anyone has one I’ll trade for it. Just the regular cards … not the sketch ones, of course!


2 thoughts on “Another ‘Iron Man 2’ sketch card?

  1. I’ve got Iron Man 2 card #68 (Mark VI Concept 2) if you want it.

    I feel your pain. I bought a bunch of boxes and still need Iron Man armor costume card.

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