Liam Neeson: Tough guy

Today’s post/poll is inspired by watching Liam Neeson own the role of Hannibal in the new version of The A-Team (which, by the way, is one of the only movies where a character’s hair grows darker in the chronology … but I digress).

It’s kind of the same with Liam Neeson roles. Getting “darker,” that is. The older he gets, the tougher his characters seem to become. Sure, he had to be tough to deal with the Nazi’s in Schindler’s List. And, after all, he was Darkman.

However, consider the past few years: he’s been Batman’s trainer, a Jedi, a Greek god, a father hell-bent on finding a daughter, and now, a no-nonsense ex-Ranger looking to clear his name (and, honorably, those of his men, too). He’s pretty much taken the Harrison Ford mantle for middle-aged tough guys.

So, which is the toughest? Which would give you the most trouble in a dark alley? If these five characters had a fist fight, who would win? Vote in the poll below and, if you’re so inspired, defend your vote in the comment section.


2 thoughts on “Liam Neeson: Tough guy

  1. I’m going with Henri Ducard.

    He’ll climb up out of the toilet and kill Zeus while he’s taking a dump. He’ll trick Qui-Gon into jumping off a bridge into a pit full of lava. He’ll Kill Bryan Mills by strapping explosives to his daughter. And he’ll take down Hannibal by kicking his ass in one on one combat.

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