5 Question Friday: Bill Green

Bill Green of Bill Green Studios is an artist, an author, and all-around righteous guy. His artwork has been featured in movies, The New York Times, countless books and numerous shows. In other words, the man knows his stuff.

Many people know his work through his association with Lebowski Fest. Among true Fest Achievers, he’s “The Designer of the Dude.” (At least that’s my title for him …), but he’s also fluent in Bill Murray, Jason, and roller girls, among other things.

His hometown is Louisville (which explains the Hunter S. Thompson), and is now based in L.A. (which explains the Dude.)

He’s a good man … and thorough. And he’s kind enough to answer 5 Quick Questions:

1. What’s the first drawing/design you remember doing?

I grew up on Warner Brothers cartoons but, for some reason, I never really drew any of them. I remember drawing Garfield a lot. Maybe because he just loved that darned lasagna so much. Also skulls. I drew lots of skulls.

2. Out of the whole graphic artists’ tool kit, what’s the one tool you rely on the most?


3. How do you draw the Dude?

Sunglasses and a Goatie peeking through a curtain of hair. That’s the essence of the dude. You can elaborate and add to that (i.e. Robe, Jellies, Half & Half Carton) but those three are the mirepoix, if you will, of a tasty Dude drawing.

4. Who gets to play you in the movie of your life?

Paul Giamatti or that janitor from Scrubs. Paul because he’s fidgety and anxious all the time and that janitor because people say we have the same mannerisms. Except he’s got a good head of hair (since we’re utilizing the magic of Hollywood here).

5. People probably ask you questions about your art all the time. What’s the one question you’d like to ask them?

Is there a good taco joint around here?

Well, here’s an answer to that last question. Submit your own taco answers (and other comments) below.

And, if you’re looking for a unique gift, check out Bill Green Studios. It’s totally worth it (and, in case you’re wondering, I don’t get a kickback! I just like his stuff.)


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