Obscure music: Guardian does Stryper

This is a bit of a holy grail for some people. I came across Guardian’s complete 6-song remake of the Stryper EP The Yellow and Black Attack (entitled, simply The Yellow and Black Attack is Back!). It’s a beautiful homage to hair metal before it had a name. I like the fact that the band even copied the graphics.

The album is out of print, but they’re relatively easy to find. I had heard rumors of such a thing and, back when I could afford to scrounge around record shops, came across a used copy. I’ve held on ever since.

Fuzzy memory: I saw Guardian play at an old Atlanta Fest around the time of Miracle Mile (1993). They were good live and I distinctly remember Jamie Rowe chatting about an affinity for Kiss Alive III. I think I still have pictures of the band’s performance …

Anyway, here’s the stats:

Guardian: The Yellow and Black Attack is Back

Produced by Tony Palacios and Guardian

1998, 2000 M8 Distribution


1. Loud N Clear

2. From Wrong to Right

3. You Know What To Do

4. Co’mon Rock

5. You Won’t Be Lonely

6. Loving You

Images (click on image to see full size)

CD Cover

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CD Back Cover


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