A Jules Winnfield sighting

Saw Iron Man 2 recently and finally figured out what happened to Jules Winnfield.

He’s Nick Fury.

When we last saw Jules, he was leaving the diner in Pulp Fiction (OK, I know the movie is out of order and that’s not the last time we saw him, chronologically speaking, but … I digress). He had just told Vincent that after he delivered the case to Marsellus, he was going to walk the Earth, like Caine in “Kung Fu,” getting in adventures “until God puts me where we wants me to be.”

Well, it seems that God has placed him. As director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Oh, he looks a little different — somewhere along the way he picked up some shrapnel in his eye that eventually led to blindness — but it’s definitely him. Consider the evidence:

  1. Both Jules and Nick like to frequent diners (and neither order bacon).
  2. Both Jules and Nick have an affinity for black suits (unless, of course, the blood of an accomplice soils it and you need to get The Wolf to come to Jimmy’s house to fix it).
  3. Both Jules and Nick are key members of shadowy organizations (and, to his credit, he has worked his way up the ladder as he’s gotten older).
  4. Both Jules and Nick are prone to wax poetic (I can’t wait to see the mashup of Pulp Fiction audio over Nick and Tony Stark/Iron Man video … dibs!). And, finally
  5. Both Jules and Nick are some bad mother#$%@rs (No one shook down Nick, but I’ll bet he was carrying the same wallet!).

So, there you have it. Need more proof? I know I don’t.


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