A little Dylan for the body

Meandering about and came across a two-fer of Bob Dylan stuffs: one for the funny bone and one for the heart-strings.

I’ll let you figure out which is which …

And that ends your Dylan fix for the day. Selah.


23 thoughts on “A little Dylan for the body

    • Oh dear – so sensitive!

      You will see that I didn’t compare Dylan to Mr Zimmerman just alluded to the influnce that the Welsh poet had on him and, as it happens, your other idols The Beatles. Dylan Thomas was the only living person on the cover of Sergeant Pepper because of John Lennon’s admiration for his work.

      The drunkard image came from a book by a sad American John Malcom Brinnin on Dylan’s Days in America.

      Thomas like Lennon, and perhaps Oasis, he was a shy and sensitive person who couldn’t handle the media pressure. He was undoubtedly the media star of his day when radio was king.

      Which one of his poem’s are you referring to – Do not go gentle, Death shall have no dominion, Fern Hill, Under Milk Wood. Oh, and he also wrote magnificent short stories, film scripts and radio broadcasts and is the second most quoted poet after another unknown Brit – William Shakespeare.

      All this from a modest house in a beautiful seaside area of Wales. Come and see at http://www.dylanthomashouse.com or http://www.5cwmdonkindrive.com – there’s a lot to learn!

  1. As one of your comments says – “There is Dylan and then there is everyone else”

    Of course, they must be referring to the original Dylan – Dylan Thomas from whom Mr Zimmerman took his name. Pop along and have a look at http://www.dylanthomashouse.com for something different – do not go gently!

    • Bob Dylan’s influenced so many artists as
      well as changing the platforms of how rock
      music was written, performed and presented.

      Start with the Byrds and “Mr. Tamborene Man”
      Where did Tom Petty and R.E.M. get their sound

      Peter Paul and Mary “Blowin’ in the Wind”
      was a Civil Rights Anthem. Dylan even
      performed for the crowd prior to the
      Martin Luther King, “I have a Dream” speech.

      Jimmy Hendrix “All Along the Watchtower”
      Supposedly Hendrix never went anywhere
      without carrying Lyrics to Dylan songs
      for inspiration.

      “Like a Rolling Stone” single handedly changed
      pop music from everything being 2-3 minutes
      long with a hook about teeange angst to
      5 minute plus expressions of something
      deeper in the American psyche. Read
      John Goodman’s “Mansion on the Hill”,
      where he makes a brilliant case how this
      song was the start of rock music being
      played on FM stations. Remember prior
      to the late sixties AM dominated everything.

      I was lucky enough to get some CD’s
      of the streamed version of his XM
      radio show “Theme Time Radio Hour”.
      It’s mind blowing how he seems to
      know about every musical genre going
      back to the thirties, including the musicians
      songwriters, who they were influenced by
      and who they would later influence.

      The Vid of the him with the Beatles is
      so cool because they have admitted how
      he influenced them. Just look at their
      pre meeting Dylan body of work and
      after and see how much better their music
      got in terms of substance and genre.

      Lastly comparing a relatively unknown
      drunken Welsh poet that hardly anyone
      knows, and maybe had one good and
      memorable poem to Robert Zimmerman
      is like comparing Oasis to the Beatles.

      • Dylan Thomas is considered a great poet by every literate person, including Bob Dylan. Robert Zimmerman patterned his singing after Woody Guthrie and his lyricism after Dylan Thomas. The poet Dylan IS the source of of Zimmerman’s stage name, and that alone is proof of the great admiration he has for Dylan Thomas.

  2. Video one reminds me of my trip to Amsterdam. The use of the word trip being quite appropriate. Unfortunately, subsequent ‘creative genius’ that it inspired hasn’t earned me a vast fortune or legendary status. But by hook or by crook I will get me a Me-themed museum opened in Liverpool. Just you wait.

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  4. Bob Dylan, a great poet in his own right, went to school in a more literate era than the one that apparently educated Mr Harry Elliot. Dylan was a reader and admirer of Dylan Thomas – in the company of most of the literate world – and chose his stage name in homage to Thomas. See Bob Dylan’s very excellent autobiography, “Chronicles,” pp 78-79

    It’s nothing like “comparing Oasis to the Beatles,” it’s more like comparing the Beatles to Dylan Thomas.

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