Classic 80s movies, “modernized”

Was watching the ending of Pretty in Pink last night and a question popped in my head and I offer it to you, now, for discussion:

If they remade Pretty in Pink today, would Duckie be cast as a gay character?

Think about it: he’s a great friend, devoted to her, has great advice, doesn’t want to see her get hurt: he’s a good “friend.” For many men, being on the other side of the “friend” label is no good. These days, though, a “friend” just makes for a great gay character. Duckie practically carried the movie, anyway. And, in the final Duckie scene above, imagine it’s a guy who notices him …

Anyway, that random thought led me to this:

The Top 5 80s Movies Characters Who Would Be Gay in the Remake (it’s a working title).

#5. Phil “Duckie” Dale, Pretty in Pink. He’s a hip dresser, a fashion icon, a good dancer, and a great friend. He’s prime for a gay makeover.

#4. Cameron Frye, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He’s the third wheel of a brewing love triangle, but it’s his devotion to Ferris that gives it away. There’s the scene when Cameron and Sloane share a tender moment that could be interpreted as flirty. In the remake, however, they both realize the implication of the thing they have most in common is admiration for Ferris.

#3. Allison Reynolds, The Breakfast Club. Ally Sheedy’s wonderful portrayal of a character who knows who she is, but chooses to present something different is poignant. The remake would be a relatively easy switch since no one really believes that she and wrestler Emilio Estevez have a permanent connection.

#2. Corey Flood, Say Anything. Lili Taylor’s misfit, lovelorn, artist is prime for a switch. After all, she’s been betrayed by the societal norms, she feels like she doesn’t “fit in” to its cookie-cutter relationship bonds. Through her mourning over Joe she discovers why true love has been so hard to find.

#1. Jake Ryan, Sixteen Candles. What? Yes, this could be a shocker, but I think Jake’s character, in the remake, would discover that he’s gay. After all, he is unsatisfied with the “hottest” girl in school — he gives her to the geek. Maybe Sam could help him realize that he needs to be true to himself and not to the peer pressures around him.

So … there you have it. What other 80s characters are “prime” for a switch in their inevitable remakes?


7 thoughts on “Classic 80s movies, “modernized”

  1. I love a good John Hughes movie. I like your thinking here. But is it necessary that, to be “modernized”, that these characters come out of the closet??

    • Thanks for posting and good point. While I was coming from a perspective of a new twist on same plot (kind of like an extra “reveal” subplot), each of these remakes could also work if the character were already an established gay character. I think Duckie and Cameron, in particular, would be a relatively “easy” plot line to reshape.

      Thanks again for posting!

  2. lol! you are quite right!! They probably would be gay characters… did you hear how the original ending to Pretty in Pink was dug up- the way John Hughes wrote it- Andie ended up with Ducky…that was always the ending I hoped for…:o)

    • I think I would have liked to see it, too … Although the whole movie is built to where if that happens, she’d be settling.

      But … always the Duckster.

  3. OH HELL NO!!!!

    Do not turn Allison Reynolds into a lesbian… bi is ok though…
    That movie launched a lifelong crush on Ally Sheedy.
    Don’t do this to me!

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