Obscure music: Rick Elias

I mentioned Rick Elias in a post about a week ago and that got me thinking and digging through the obscure music file that is my CD collection and, lo and behold, I found this: 1990’s Rick Elias and the Confessions. It’s hard to believe the music on the disc is 20 years old (which, I realize, is definitely an ‘old person’ kind of sentence).

I faintly remember seeing him live (at either an Atlanta Fest or Creation or something like that). It’s pretty straight rock-in-roll. Kind of rootsy (mandolin), kind of Sprinsteeny … you know, American. The songs, I believe, are somewhat an autobiographical journey of faith, without being either preachy or overt.

This album has two “gems” (“Streets of Rome,” later re-recorded for the album Blink and “The Word is Love,” which serves as a centerpiece for this album). However, the whole album is strong, if you ever get a chance.

Here’s the rundown:

Rick Elias and the Confessions, (Self-titled)
1990. Alarma Records

  1. Confession of Love
  2. Streets of Rome
  3. Miles and Miles
  4. Before the Fall
  5. Someday
  6. The Word is Love
  7. Riot (Comin’ On)
  8. Without One Word
  9. Stones
  10. Stripped

CD back



Anyone else heard of Rick Elias? What do you think of the song? Comment your thoughts and memories here.


3 thoughts on “Obscure music: Rick Elias

  1. In the past month, Rick has posted four new videos on the Rick Elias fan page on facebook, including an awesome version of Stripped, which I prefer to the one on this album.

    • Cool! Thanks for posting! When I searched on You Tube, there only a few Ragamuffin ones. I’ll find the link and post it here … unless you’d like to.

      Thanks again.

  2. This is one of my desert island discs. I went to Greenville College in Greenville Ill. from ’90 – ’92. Rick played several shows there during that time, and he also spoke often in our classes on recording technololgy.

    The best show he put on was in our cafeteria, it was blistering. His band was flat hot, they smoked.

    He recorded much (most?) of his second album at Greenville. I don’t like it as well, it’s too slick. The production and rawness of the debut is where his sound should be.

    I wish he would put the band back together and put out more great music like this.


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