Off-topic movie review: She’s Out of My League

To be honest, I laughed a lot more than I thought I would.

Noting the above mathematical formula, the story is a little Revenge of the Nerds (a band of lovable misfits navigates society and the geek gets the girl) and an iota of Beauty and the Beast (at least, that’s what one of the characters said … or was it Aladdin? Or both?).

Anyway, it was cute and bawdy and probably terrible.

Most of the time, my perception of movies is off because of the theater I go to. I see most movies at a second-run theater. Watching movies at the dollar theater lowers expectations and I grant allowances that I wouldn’t if I paid full price. The theater I haunt has tables and a wait staff that brings food. So even if the movie’s not good, there’s a lower financial stake AND people bring you food. Lowered expectations, more grace.

Take plot, for example. She’s Out of My League‘s plot is ridiculous and totally implausible. In a carbon-based universe full of mortals, things like that just do not happen. But that’s OK, because, hey, I’m not at a real theater. And, really, like he would honestly get upset over her webbed feet (oops, OK, spoiler aler — too late) and not being “perfect.” But, it’s OK. The wait staff brings the popcorn and drink refill and movie is good.

Maybe life should be lived like it’s in a second-run theater: lowered expectations and an extra dose of grace. That could be my new life philosophy.

But, then again, that could be a little off-topic.


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