Off-topic movie review: Book of Eli

Saw the Denzel Washington Beyond Thunderdome movie last week. I had heard bad things about it, but I kind of liked it, in a post-Apocalyptic, spaghetti-western, Escape-to-Alcatraz kind of way. And though the big reveal didn’t have the same shock factor as The Sixth Sense, it would be worth a second look.

I think there’s some metaphorical things going on too about religion and society that are either positive or negative. A second view may be worth it. But, then again, I’d probably watch anything twice.

But the biggest satisfaction was seeing that Geico caveman finally break from commercials (and the cloud of a bad television show) to land a vital — albeit short-lived — role.

This kind of begs the question: What other films could the Cavemen play a role? I mean, right off the top of my head, I know he’d make a good Yeoman Smith on Star Trek. Sure, he’d be part of some landing party and get killed, but, again, another important step.

What other movies could the Cavemen get a breakthrough role?


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