Free mp3: King’s X

Was trolling around the Internet today and stumbled across a free King’s X song, “Move” from their 2009 album XV.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that you have to download the whole Music in Progress: Volume I sampler to get the song. But, it is King’s X, so it’s worth it.

Ah, King’s X has affixed itself to so many fuzzy memories in my life.

  • My first King’s X purchase was Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, back when I could read a review and buy a CD without listening to it first.
  • I remember listening to their album Faith, Hope, Love over and over and over again on a trip to Ohio for a wedding;
  • I remember seeing them for the first time at The Cannery in Nashville, and spotting a very tall Rick Elias also taking in the band
  • I remember seeing them again at the House of Blues in Orlando (the concert from “Just park the car, Chris,” he-uttered-in-an-impatient-exhale-from-the-backseat fame).

My college roommate loved them. My brother loved them. Why don’t you love them? This band is always tight, always crisp, and always loud.

And now, they’re free! Get it and make your own fuzzy memories … like the time you stumbled across a blog that just went on and on and on about anecdotes that meant nothing to you …


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