Off-topic movie review: Repo Men

Saw the Jude Law-Forrest Whitaker buddy/slasher Repo Men recently. It was, to say the least an experience in deja vu. Consider:

The whole premise is pretty much Repo! The Genetic Opera (minus, of course, the singing, no-named actors, and Paris Hilton)

There’s an element of Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky. I don’t want to ruin it … but, you know, you can figure out which part is real and which part needs tech support

There’s a dash Pulp Fiction involved (warning: needles)
And there’s this part of Oldboy (warning: corridor)
But the weirdest deja vu came from David Cronenberg’s Crash (1996), a kinky little film about people who get aroused by the “energy” released at car crashes.

Not that there are any erotic car crashes in Repo Men, however, when the male and female leads have to cut each other open in order to jam a scanner inside and inventory the fake body parts ALL THE WHILE becoming aroused … well, let’s just say, that’s not in the 6th grade textbooks.

In a weird twist, one of the fake body parts was NOT breast implants. Hmmm … I guess in the future breat implants are standard, or cheap enough for everyone to afford.

But that may be a little off-topic …


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