Just in case I forgot …

After re-reading one of yesterday’s posts, I almost forgot why I had a feeling of foreboding about Iron Man 2 in the first place.

Then I found this:

Ah, yes, it’s all coming back to me now: a long-haired, Russian-type, gladiator-skirt wearing villain with electric whips.

Hmmm … yep. Cheese.


One thought on “Just in case I forgot …

  1. And to top it all off, Rhodey is played by Don (no offense at your acting skills) Cheadle instead of Terrence (man they couldn’t pay me enough this time) Howard. Is there an underlying tone that all LT. Cols. look alike, or enough that no one will notice? See also all Bosleys look alike, filed under lame Charlie’s Angels explanations.

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