The little things matter, people

I’m all for free expression, but … there’s a price for that freedom: and its currency is spelling and syntax.

Caught this picture as part of a bittersweet 24-picture slide show called “Teabonics” from the N.Y. Daily News.

Now, if you’re a conservative, you’ll probably shrug it off as another attack from the liberal media (after all, you’ll probably never see these on FOX News, although they are just as liberal as any other news media … and by “liberal” I mean, they’ll do anything for ratings so they can charge more for commercials, so they can pay their shareholders more … oh, wait … shareholders … isn’t that a conservative term? I get so confused at labels).

If you’re a liberal, you’ll probably say this just shows all the ignorant rednecks who should stop dating their sister (by the way, liberals … ignorant southern incest jokes are a little old and trite. Stop being lazy and come up with new stereotypes for southern whites, OK?).

As someone who tries to straddle in the middle (to which both sides may accuse me of just being lazy), let me just say a couple things:

  1. If you’re going to put yourself out there, make sure you put your best foot forward. Look up the term “edit.” I realize that when you write on poster board, the red squiggly line won’t appear to help you, so you must be EXTRA careful. It’s the little things that communicate the most.
  2. I’m sure you poster creators are great people; nice hard-working Americans with intelligent opinions once we get past the pithy poster-board philosophy. But since few people will take the time to do that, we’re just left with your poster board. And that’s fine, too; just make sure you’re making the right impression.

If this post offends you, feel free to express yourself in the comments. Also, feel free to post links to “liberal” gaffes, too. I’m sure they are out there.

4 thoughts on “The little things matter, people

  1. No, this couldn’t be a real Tea Party protester. It’s one of those liberal infiltrators! 🙂

    Although I don’t think the sign is indicative of all Tea Party people, it’s still funny as hell.

    • Thanks for the comment! I don’t think it’s indicative either, but it is funny. Let’s face it: if there are 100 correct signs and one incorrect sign, we’ll most likely remember the incorrect? Just like when you read the newspaper — it’s the grammar mistakes that stand out the most. It’s the same here.

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