Orion to re-release ‘Dances’

From the “Jokes that are about 6 months too late” Department:

Orion Pictures, who originally released the 7-time Oscar winning film Dances With Wolves, announced Wednesday that they were re-releasing the film with slight changes that “better reflect the current box-office culture.” For example, the studio has decided to replace the indigenous Native American Lakota language with the Navi language.

Orion officials also contracted with both Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic for the work, as well as the people from Turner Broadcasting Co. who thought colorizing old movies was a good idea.

According to a source close to the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity, “Since Dances with Wolves and James Cameron’s Avatar share the same plot, we are hoping to capitalize on the portion of the market who will view our film and think they are viewing the other. You know, the Walgreen’s 3 a.m. Red Box market.”

Here is a leaked still from the film, as well as a mockup poster.


One thought on “Orion to re-release ‘Dances’

  1. Speaking of…I recently saw a new Robin Hood coming out. Which brings up another point, with all the 80s movie remakes, when they run out, they’ll start in on the 90s movies. Maybe, just maybe the remake of Waterworld might be better the second time around. Is there hope for Cut Throat Island?

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