Obscure music: Mortal (live)

Oh boy, that 90s music — so angry, so serious …

Cleaning/hiding the music collection has brought a lot of obscure music back into the light of day. None is probably more obscure than 1993’s “Intense Records Present Mortal Recorded Live, Vol. 5.”

I’ve written a fuzzy memory about Mortal before, but this disc is probably all but forgotten. It was the bright idea to bring metal bands into the studio and, in one day, capture their “live” sound. One of the biggest complaints about aggressive music (like industrial) is that the studio never captures the live experience. This tried to address that. Oh, we were so serious about things …

Anyway, this disc features two “treats,” including a “clearly brilliant” (according to the liner notes) cover of U2’s “One Tree Hill” (included above). Let me know how brilliant you think it is. There’s also a re-tooling of Amy Grant’s (!) “Thy Word.” Anyway, if you want to download any of it (not for free, sorry), go here.

The whole foldout (the outside of it)

CD insert, liner notes

Feel free to hit the picture and make out the liner notes. The “History” and “Session Notes” are particularly noteworthy. Also noteworthy: this was recorded in the fabulous Green Room by one Gene Eugene.


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