Jack Bauer’s new role? Grim Reaper

Is it just me or is getting close the Jack Bauer to same as being Ensign Smith on the U.S.S. Enterprise and accompanying Captain Kirk to the surface?

One week after losing the Bollywood president of something-or-other, what’s-her-face gets killed (oops, spoiler alert). Now the assistant from Veronica’s Closet is the boss of CTU and Forrest Gump‘s Bubba is out of a job. Meanwhile, that mannish-looking woman from Battlestar Galactica is still around, though she’s in jail and the guy who was Fred in Scooby Doo now doesn’t think she’s all that. But he still probably knows what you did last summer.

Obscure pop cultural references: 8 (one in about every 13 words).
Making the post make sense: 0

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