The little details are key to “Death at a Funeral”

While it is intriguing that the Americanized remake to the British comedy Death at a Funeral (which came out way back in 2007) came so quickly, the best part is that Peter Dinklage plays the same role in both films: the spurned gay lover.

For the remake, that’s a stroke of genius.

I thoroughly enjoyed the original, but, then again, I enjoy British humor. Being a “foreign” film, though, the original didn’t quite make the splash that I think the remake will have. What do you think?

Here are the trailers to both films. It seems the 2010 film keeps the same spirit, while adding that touch of broad humor we American really dig.

Original film:


What so you think about the remake?


One thought on “The little details are key to “Death at a Funeral”

  1. I’d heard of the original film, but didn’t get round to seeing it, which is shameful as it’s a British film and I should support it. Thanks for putting up the trailers for both the original and the remake. I can see good things in both of them and I think I would enjoy them equally. I don’t know when the remake will arrive here in the UK, but I hope to make a date for that one.

    As for Peter Dinklage, I became aware of him when I saw The Station Agent, years ago. He’s the right guy to feature in both versions of this film. He really is quite brilliant.

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