Gene Eugene

If yesterday’s post remembered the death of a musician, today’s post remembers the birth of another (dead) musician. This one’s most likely from the “People-You’ve-Hardly-Heard-Of-Before” file, but Gene Eugene was a very influential producer and musician in the 1990s. Name almost any cool, alternative Christian band from that era and they either played with him or was produced by him.

And, alas, he died in 2000 at the age of 38.

So, happy birthday Gene. Even a decade after you stopped breathing your music is still like fresh air.

Read about him here and here.

Fuzzy memory: the song at the top of the post is the lead track from the Adam Again album “Dig.” I remember playing this with my good friend Martin on two long trips: one to Pennsylvania and one to Florida. I don’t even think he liked them, but he was a good sport and let me blare away. Martin: You da man!


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