Fuzzy memories: Michael Knott’s ‘Rocket & a Bomb’

(Note: This post will probably mean the most to people who have knowledge of a niche within a niche. However, if you listen to the above track and are interested, read on!)

Was stoked last week to finally find my copy of Michael Knott’s Rocket and a Bomb. It’s pretty much an Easter miracle. The CD was inside a different case (The Berry Vest of the Swirling Eddies, if that gives any indication as to why I hadn’t found it).

Anyway, this is of my top 10 all-time favorite albums. Not exactly sure why, but I remember exactly (fuzzily) how I got it. I was living in Albemarle, N.C., and I stopped into some independent Christian bookstore (back when there was such a thing) and there, amidst the Precious Moments figurines, was this CD that really had no business being there.

Now, I had HEARD of Michael Knott before, but had no idea what to expect. But from the opening drums and strum and Knott’s nonchalant “Jan, Jan … the Weatherman / lives across the hall in an old tin can …” well, let’s just say, I was hooked. By the time “Jail” started, with its “smoke another cigarette / say another prayer” line I was in love. The album tracks are short story snacks. Yummy ones, too.

This album features the original versions of “Kitty” and “Rocket & A Bomb,” which were both rerecorded as tracks for the Aunt Bettys’ album.

And now the album is out of print. You can get one second-hand through Amazon, but it isn’t available anywhere for download. At least legally.

Anyway, this album just reminds me of my first big find my first time out on my own.

Rocket and a Bomb
1994 Brainstorm Artists, manufactured and distributed through Word Music.

  1. Jan the Weatherman
  2. Jail
  3. Make Me Feel Good
  4. Serious
  5. John Barrymore Jr.
  6. Train
  7. Bubbles
  8. Kitty
  9. Adrian
  10. Skinny Skins
  11. Rocket and a Bomb


Back cover

Inside "Plummer Park"

CD art

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