A note to DC Comics

Today’s post is more to appease my inner nerd than to provide any enlightening news, but if you stick with me, maybe you can help.

I’ve noticed, over the past few years, that Marvel does a much better job at infiltrating their products into other commercial ventures. Today I want to focus on iPhone/iTouch apps.

Why doesn’t DC Comics (or Marvel, for that matter) have a dedicated iPhone app? I mean, I don’t need the latest up-to-the-moment issues, but why not older issues that I can read on a plane, or train, or automobile?

This is where Marvel Comics seems to be smarter. While they don’t have a company-specific app, they have allowed some of their titles/series (Marvel Zombies [which we know Jesus hates], X-Men, Iron Man, Civil War, etc.) to be available through readers like Panelfly or iVerse. I mean, I could scan in my own (or download illegally online) comics and sync through Comic Zeal, but that’s just too much work.

But, alas, no DC Comics. I’ve searched specifically for such a thing, but haven’t found it. Maybe with the release of the iPad something like this is on the horizon. I mean, it seems that a company-specific app would be very popular. I’d probably even PAY for such an app (and that’s saying something!)

And this is where you come in: am I missing one? Give me a shout-out and let me know.

Otherwise, my inner nerd will keep whining until it has to be put down. And trust me, that’ll suck.


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