24 things Jack Bauer can do after ’24’

Well, after nine straight days of work, it seems that Jack Bauer is finally going to get a day off. Thank goodness! But, it does make you wonder: now that the show creators have a definite ending point, what’ll they do?

I’m sure the season was planned with enough wiggle room for another season, if warranted. Now that the warranty is up, I wonder there’s some scrambling around to re-shoot the ending. So, here’s the question: What’s going to happen to Jack? What do you think?

And now that he will get a day off, here’s 24 things Jack Bauer could do after 24:

  1. Go to sleep.
  2. Become a body guard for Chuck Norris (face it, if ANYONE can protect Chuck Norris, it’s Jack Bauer!)
  3. Poop.
  4. Catch up on all those TiVo’d episodes of Lost
  5. Laundry
  6. Become a nanny (Hey, it worked for Vin Diesel and Jackie Chan!)
  7. Teach an anger management seminar
  8. Start a carnival sideshow – The Amazing Threshold of Pain!
  9. Catch up with his daughter (snicker, snicker … yeah, right!)
  10. Go to the movies
  11. Get a Happy Meal
  12. Take art classes
  13. Become a vampire
  14. Volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  15. Go back to school (it’s what we all do when we’re at a loss of what to do … maybe he could go to med school …)
  16. Finally say something nice to Chloe.
  17. Two words: Mall Security
  18. Learn to cook
  19. Bullet-proof vest tester
  20. Terrorist
  21. HR Director
  22. Join the cast of Men of a Certain Age
  23. Direct
  24. Nothing. Jack Bauer will always fight the enemies of this country; TV show or not, dammit!

(Note: This started out as a top 5 list, but “24 things Jack Bauer can do after 24” sounds more poetic … so admittedly, out of these 24 ideas, there seems to be a pretty tolerable top 5 list).

What are your ideas? What else could Jack do?


26 thoughts on “24 things Jack Bauer can do after ’24’

  1. Haha, this is great! I haven’t gotten around to the latest seasons, i start watching them but then the next episode comes around i forget to watch it!.. oh well, that’s what spare time is for. Watching 24!

  2. Hilarious list!
    I really hope they write a happy ending for once. Jack just needs to end up with Renee; no more cliffhangers and conflicts.
    btw, I’ve wondered about #1 and #3 a lot actually…how exactly does that work?

  3. Fortunately for Jack Bauer, it wasn’t 9 straight days. If you have been following the series you’d know that there have been multiple presidencies and years passed in between seasons. NOT that Jack Bauer COULDN’T do 9 straight days!

  4. Once he retires he can go round making it up to everyone he kicked, punched, shot, stabbed, etc, etc – in the manner of My Name Is Earl. Apart from the all the dead guys maybe.

  5. BAAAAHAHAHA! I’m giggling at the idea of him becoming a vampire. Did you know Snoop Dogg is trying to wedge his way into True Blood, by the way? I bet if they let Snoop in, they’ll welcome Kiefer Sutherland, too.

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