A double-edged light saber

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This documentary about the love-hate relationship with Star Wars (or, more specifically, George Lucas) reminded me of an excellent study about fan relationships to Star Wars: Using the Force: Creativity, Community and Star Wars Fans by Will Brooker. You can practically read the book here (or at least peruse most of it) through Google Books.

After all, many people love Star Wars, but hate George Lucas, who owns it. It’s akin to having a best friend, but hating his parents. Ultimately, it’s the parents’ parameters within which we get to play with our friend.

That’s kind of the point of the book. Lucas allows fans to play with his kids on HIS terms.

And he’s a pretty strict parent when it comes to his kids.

Either way, I’m assuming that the filmmaker won’t be receiving a Christmas card from the the Skywalker ranch.


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