Song lyrics: Ali in the Jungle

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The Hours’ “Ali in the Jungle” is the latest get-your-blood-flowing song used in a buy-our-stuff Nike ad campaign.

And, since I’m such a sucker, I bought the track. It’s good, but the bridge offers an interesting lyric:

“The greatest comeback since Lazarus …”

Hmmm. Interesting. Now, Lazarus is a great comeback story … but the catalyst in that story had an interesting comeback story himself.

Maybe the band needed an three-syllable word that ended in “s” there (after all, the two-syllable “Jesus” rhymes the same way); or maybe the thought of singing “Jesus” there would alienate people.

However, if people know the Lazarus story (which, by including the lyric, the band seems to make that assumption), wouldn’t they also know a bit about Jesus and his comeback?

Then again, some would argue that Jesus’ greatest comeback hasn’t happened. Yet

But you gotta admit raising himself from the dead … well, that’s a good one too.

The again, the band’s talking about this Lazarus

Here’s the band’s video for the song:


2 thoughts on “Song lyrics: Ali in the Jungle

  1. Funny…… the feeling i get from the song is a ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ sentiment – control your destiny & refuse defeat – be empowered to make change happen when you’re knocked down.

    Lazarus’ comeback, if i’m not mistaken, was anything BUT… he had no control… he wasn’t even begging from the grave to be made ‘alive’ again…

    But that’s ok….. i don’t think the boys of The Hours were thinking a/b all of that…. they were just being poetic.

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