Cheeseburger dog

Have you ever seen something so hideous that you couldn’t take your eyes off of it? Ever seen something so repulsive that it’s beautiful?

These are the thoughts thundering within at the sight of the convenience store cheeseburger dog. It’s hideous. It’s repulsive. It’s beautiful.

It’s like the apple in the garden of Eden, and if I taste it, my eyes will be opened to how depravedly fat I truly am.

And still it calls.

I haven’t answered.


(Sheesh I better start packing a lunch!)


2 thoughts on “Cheeseburger dog

  1. Oh, just for lunch? That’s not so bad. I thought you were eyeballing it for breakfast. Now that might lead to something. Other so ugly its beautiful foods include, cottage cheese (who was the guy brave enough to try that first?); (fish tacos, again..with the bravery); sushi (ok maybe its desperation not bravery); Anything soy related like tofu, or as I like to call it food clone. Whatever you cook it with…it assumes that flavor. Don’t believe me, try it with stir fry veggies. On a side note, a friend and I once made a bobali pizza with ketchup a slice of american cheese and bologna.

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