Song lyrics: Adam Ant’s “Wonderful”

This song takes me back to the good old days of working retail at Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg during grad school. I remember thinking, “What a beautiful song” while at the folding table.

Did I tell you you’re wonderful?
I miss you / Yes I do

What a pretty little thought. And this was before I knew it was THE Adam Ant of “Goody Two Shoes” fame. When I found that out, it only added to my affinity to the song.

Then I really listened to the words:

Over, real over
When I nearly hit the face I love
So tired of packaging anger
always pushing you away

Gulp. That put a little different light to it.

So now I just think it’s the most beautiful song about threatened domestic abuse I’ve ever heard.

Hope you think so, too.


4 thoughts on “Song lyrics: Adam Ant’s “Wonderful”

  1. Agreed. Like you, i’ve listened to this song many-a-time, having NO idea of what the lyrics were. And now that you’ve brought up the lyrics, i had to look at them all.

    The song makes me feel sorry for him (if indeed, he’s even writing a/b himself – could be writing a/b someone else – or even nobody specific, & just the subject matter). Regardless, it makes me feel sorry for ‘whoever’… folks that find themselves pent up w/ so much anger that makes them want to raise a hand to someone they actually love.

    Then when they’ve lost their love, they grieve over 2 things….. the loss of their love, & the loss of their self-respect.

    I don’t feel sorry for them in such a way, that i think the other person should even consider taking them back… for, history does have a way of repeating itself. But i just feel sorry for the person’s pain, & would hope that this could be the wake-up call needed, to spur on the process of resolution & recovery. Unfortunately, i don’t think that happens often.

    It’s still a wonderful song, though.

  2. Let’s set the record straight. Adam wrote this song about Heather Graham. He was dating her, and was institutionalized for bi-polar depression during their relationship. She was very devoted to him, and visited him regularly. For the record he never hit her, he just didn’t like feeling out of control. They eventually parted ways. After he came out of his manic state he eventually wrote this song about losing the love of his life, because of his mental illness.

    Unfortunately, trying to make a come back in the last 6 months, he has again been institutionalized for his bi-polar illness. Never the less, I will always be his biggest fan.
    Thanks, Antfan713

    • Thanks for setting the record straight. I hope he has a solid recovery. The man is a talent and an icon.

      Thanks for reading!

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