More Fun and Games …

Last week, I lamented the fact that I could not find the song “Fun and Games” by the Connells are either iTunes or Amazon. Well, I did some searching around on the interweb and found this

The drama continued with TVT Records and The Connells’ catalog of recordings. TVT Records borrowed $23.5 million in 1999 from Prudential Securities, based on anticipated incomes from the label’s catalogue. By August 2002, Prudential claimed TVT Records were in default on the loan as the revenue was not enough to meet the repayment formula and therefore Prudential was entitled to ownership of the catalogue assets. TVT Records responded in July 2003 with a claim that Prudential had violated the loan agreement, which TVT maintains was tied to just 5% of the catalogue, and was seeking unfairly to gain control of the assets.

Currently, the Connells’ back catalogue of recording is still owned by Prudential Securities and there is no active manufacturing or distribution arrangement in the U.S. This is why there are not Connells songs on iTunes.

To say that the recording industry sucks sometimes would be an understatement, wouldn’t it?

Either way, mystery solved. Now we wait. In the meantime, enjoy another video.


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