How do you spell “sucker”?

I am the king of random impulse purchases. This week, I fell victim to two impulse purchases on two different days at the same store. Curse you, Target.

The first one was The Brady Bunch Season One, which I saw on an end cap (read: clearance). It was only $5. Five Bucks! For a fuzzy memory of childhood and syndication and after-school specials.

I still haven’t opened it. I’ll probably trade it. But still … $5!

It kind of reminds me of the time I got The Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 at a used CD store (remember those?) for $3. Never watched an episode.


The second random purchase is a bit more random. Target was the exclusive seller of Prince’s 2009 three-CD opus Lotusflow3r (the “3” could be dubbed “The Letter Formerly Known as ‘E'”), and now, about a year later, they are dumping the overstock. It was $4.99.

Prince is one of those pop culture enigmas I feel I should know, but for the life of me, I can’t really get into. But, still … $4.99. The 50-percent clearance price was too much for me to resist. I talked myself into giving Prince a chance and bought it.

I still haven’t heard it. I opened it, but haven’t had the heart to listen to it.

And so it sits. More evidence that the best was to spell “sucker” is “M-E.”


8 thoughts on “How do you spell “sucker”?

  1. Have you ever seen Prince in concert??? The only Prince CD that i will listen to, on a somewhat ‘regular’ basis, is Purple Rain. But the reason that i will buy every new CD that Prince puts out, is b/c of the respect he’s beckoned of me, via his live shows….. the man is an amazing showman, & even a MORE amazing musician.

  2. Prince lost relevance in about 1990, or when ever his band went from the revolution to being the NPG (New Power Generation). He did to his music, what Michael Jackson did to his face. Recognizable, but a warped and twisted version of itself. To get a good look at Prince listen to anything during the 80s.

  3. I have to respectfully disagree. I do hear what you’re saying, N8. And I was inclined to think along those lines some yrs ago… which is why i didn’t buy tickets to a Prince show during his Musicology tour (2004). I figured that i had seen him at the TOP of his game in 1985. So…….. the night of the (2004) show in my town, i decided to go to the parking lot & see what kind of cheap tix i could get, just for fun. I scored, & got seats in the furthest place from the stage possible. I missed the 1st couple of songs, but saw a/b the whole show. I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!! I didn’t for a split second expect to be so amazed…. not only by the top-notch musicians he had on stage, but by the little guy, himself! His energy was relentless. The sound was magical. He embodied R&B, Soul, & screaming Rock… all in one tiny package. Prince demanded attention… & he sure as hell-fire got mine that night! I came home w/ the Musicology CD, & have felt obligated to listen to it maybe twice. Like I said…. Purple Rain is the only CD of his that I will listen to, cover-to-cover, over & over again…. but after the ’04 concert, i will buy any new album he does (even if it sucks), out of sheer respect for the musician formerly & presently known as Prince.

  4. When I see anything about Prince, I’m always reminded by Kevin Smith’s story about shooting a video for him and the craziness that ensued at Prince’s house up in Minnesota.

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