“Lost” vs. “Lost”

I kinda like this song. I didn’t so much at first, but it kind of grew on me. Like some television shows I know (and even some I don’t).

For example, I’ve never seen an episode of Lost.

I don’t say that out of pride, nor out of regret. It’s just a fact. I think the first season I wanted to get into it, but, for reasons unknown (though I think related to Jack Bauer) I never did.

However, I do not that the Season Premiere of the Final Season is a Big Deal (hence the capital letters), so for all the Lost-ies out there, I’ve developed a list:

5 Reasons Why Morrissey’s “Lost” is better than ABC’s “Lost”

  1. It’s shorter.
  2. You know what he’s talking about.
  3. You can buy the song and replay it for less than $1.
  4. You don’t have to pay attention to every detail while it’s on.
  5. Even a pasty Englishman like Morrissey’s better looking than this guy (though not by much)

    Bonus (file under “More jokes that aren’t funny):

  6. It doesn’t have Joey from Friends. (Oh, wait, that’s left over from the 5 Reasons Morrissey’s “Lost” is better than the film adaptation of “Lost in Space.”)
  7. One features a plane crash, the other is a train wreck. (Oh, wait, that’s left over from the 5 Similarities between Morrissey’s “Lost” and ABC’s “Lost.”)

    For the record, other similarities include references to “Jet trails” and “sand” … if that’s any consolation to anyone who’s stuck with this silliness this long …

    plus, isn’t everybody lost but they’re pretending they’re not lost … Oh, lost …

OK, add your own.

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