Stuff we used to say

The beauty of the human language, to me, is its “pliability,” its ability to take on new words and phrases as the culture evolves (or, you could say, devolves).

Case in point, “I got my Christmas goose early.” Taken from the delightful 1986 John Candy – Eugene Levy – Meg Ryan comedy Armed and Dangerous, I distinctly recall saying “Oh, I got my Christmas goose early” for a bevy of things, including, well getting goosed by teammates.

These days, we would call that harassment, punishable by law. And thus, the catchphrase dries up and becomes a footnote to history. But, I dare say, we could revive it. After all, it could be used for any unexpected surprise, not just the insertion of someone’s hand onto our buttocks area.

Where could you use this phrase today? Why not try it out? The results could be surprising … dare I say, the results could give you your Christmas goose a little early …

(For the record … I love that movie …)


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