Off-topic movie review: 2012

Saw the improbability-fest that was 2012 at the cheap theater recently. While it would be easy to focus on the “no-way-that-could-happen” factors — the likelihood of a camper jumping a fissure, or a limosine driving through a falling (note: “falling” in the active sense, not “fallen”) building — that’s not what this review is for.

Nor will this review focus on the whole “What Would Noah Do?” campaign … (which, by the way, the movie didn’t do what Noah would do) …

No, I just want to add two measly little cents, two slight observations that don’t matter; the observations are, one could say, slightly off-topic.

First, I couldn’t help but think that, with a little creative rewrite and very little effort on the part of the Woody Harrelson role, 2012 could have served as a prequel to Zombieland.

Also, 2012 easily has the weirdest product placement ever: Pull-ups. Yes, those just-before diaper underwear. I mean “No more Pull-Ups” was one of the last three lines in the film …

Of course, if I were faced with impending doom and the apocalyptic end of the earth, I’d probably need a Pull-Up too.


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