Off-topic movie review: Away We Go

Saw the TV-stars-Do-Movies film Away We Go recently. I liked it, but I noticed a recurring recipe for this kind of film:

  • Take a well-known TV actor or actors
  • Add some existential dialogue
  • Put in more than a dash of quirky characters
  • Go on a journey, and
  • Mix with a trendy, but-not-too-popular soundtrack
  • Watch for 80 to 120 minutes.

When it’s finished, it should look a little like Garden State. Actually, this movie was like an extension of Garden State. You know, at the end, when Largeman and Sam are in the airport and Large asks, “What do we do now?” or something like that … remember? Anyway, Away We Go was like Largeman and Sam plus 10 years.

Anyway, that’s probably a little off-topic …

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