Free mp3: Booker T.

You may not recognize the name of Booker T., but I’ll bet you recognize his music. Booker T. and the MGs‘ “Green Onions” has been in several movie soundtracks, commercials, and the like. You can find it on the link. Trust me, you’ll recognize it. If you don’t, just do me a favor and act like you do.

However, today’s mp3 is Booker T.’s interpretation of OutKast’s everywhere hit “Hey Ya” (yes, as in “Shake it like a Polaroid picture …”). That song, which was everywhere in 2003, gets a fresh instrumental makeover that is every bit as fun as the original. And it’s free!

But there’s a good news/bad news flavor to this one: you have to download the whole Fall 2009 Anti- sampler from Amazon. The good news is that the Booker t. song is free this way. The bad news is that you have to 11 other songs to delete after doing so … unless you like to explore music from people like The Swell Season or Neko Case. Then it may not be so bad after all.

Either way, the extra deleting (or keeping) is worth it for this fun, snazzy, lounge version of a fun, snazzy song. So do it … and feel free to “Shake It” while you’re at it!


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