Fuzzy memories: Mortal

One of the first “solo” trips I took as an “adult” was to Myrtle Beach, S.C. to a little church/club to see this band called Mortal in the early 1990s.

The band was one of the first “Christian” industrial/aggro/metal/rapcore/[insert category here] bands. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I gravitated toward that kind of music in a world that was mostly Michael W. Smith and D.C. Talk. That explains why I traveled so far (three-plus hours) to do it.

Here are some fuzzy memories:

  • I first saw the band at an Atlanta Fest. I remember them because they played with the lights as low as they could. There weren’t spotlights pointed to the stage at all. They said they wanted people to focus on the music. Plus, I got a free t-shirt.
  • In South Carolina, I stayed in a television-less cabin in some campground. I faintly remember being bored and wishing I had bought along some fiction to read. I turned in early and went to the beach the next day to wait for the concert.
  • This was during a time when I had unusually long hair (onto the shoulder blades). I had played Jesus (yipes!) earlier that year for Branchview Church of God’s Easter Cantata. On a whim, I left the sports desk at The Stanly News and Press that day, went to J.C. Penny at the Albemarle mall, got my hair cut off and promptly left town. No one knew I got a haircut until I got back days later.
  • Oldest brother Tony loved Mortal (he still listens to that type of music and has been known recently to pick out a Mortal song from the old iPod playlist) and drove down to meet me for the show. We loved it and got our pictures taken with the band after the show. Good brother, huh? I think so.

At least that’s how I remember it. Of course, my memories is a little fuzzy from all the years — and head bangs —  since …

Maybe I’ll listen to some too. Just to jog the memory.

You Tube note: Believe it or not, there’s isn’t a lot of Mortal video out there … but this kind of catches the spirit (but not the complete sound) of the band.


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