The future is now: Lego Matrix

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Thanks to Chalupa at the Lebowski Podcast for sharing. This is pretty cool stuff, but it also underscores a few things.

It would be easy to say that this is the future of fandom, but, to be honest, this is not just the future, but the present. Henry Jenkins, in his book Textual Poachers, talked a bit about movie-makers, but focused on written fan fiction.

This, less than 20 years later, is the natural evolution of written fandom. With technology so readily available (and, more importantly, so easy to use), expressing oneself has become more than just something we do in our diaries, but something we do on a public stage.

The task for researchers, though, is to dig deeper. Is this an artifact of fandom? If so, fandom of what? It could easily be argued that this is more a work of Lego fandom and/or stop-action filmmaking than Matrix fandom; particularly since this scene is so etched into the public consciousness. You do not have to be a fan to know the Matrix, or the idea of “bullet time.”

Blah, blah, blah … whatever. Either way, I like it. You may too.

You can also check out these sites. Written fan fiction is definitely not dead. There’s also and

(You Tube note: Lego Matrix Trinity Help. After around 440 hours of work, and just in time for the 10th anniversary of the original movie release, we are pleased to present to you our Lego version of the famous Bullet Time dodge scene from The Matrix)


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