Adam West: cult hero

Fox’s hilarious new “What’s Adam West Watching” ad campaign puts an official stamp on something most of us have known for a while: Adam West is a cult hero.

Cult status has been there for a while, but his recurring appearances on Family Guy have solidified it for a new generation.

I was going to come up with a “Top 5 Living Television Cult Legends” list in honor of West’s success, but I can’t.

I can only think of one other current living television cult legend. And he has one name: Shatner,

But, other than those two, who else is there?

And when they’re gone, who will take there place in this multi-media, post-network age where we have 300-plus channels of “regular” cable, on demand, competing for our attention? Will there ever be anyone else that will be so recognizable for being, well, themselves?

So, I guess there are two questions I need to ponder here:

  1. Is there anyone else now? and,
  2. Who will be next?

Help me.


5 thoughts on “Adam West: cult hero

  1. What about people like Mr. T or Hasselhoff? Ryan Seacrest?

    We have a channel that’s just old TV shows and there was some Western thing on where West was a lawyer. I didn’t recognize his face right away, but his voice was unmistakable.

    • Hasselhoff!!! Of course. When I first thought of this idea, he was there.

      Mr. T is a good one, too. All of these actors remain famous for that one key part and then bringing that element to everything they do later on.

      Thanks for reminding me of the Hoff,

  2. Ponch, T, and of course the Hoff. What about Gary (whachutalkinboutwillis) Coleman? I am struggling to come up with one female. What does that say?

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