Which scene is better?

When two A-list actors share the screen a few things can happen: it can be magical … or anticlimactic. Here’s two cases where it seems magical. But which one is more magical? You decide.

The first scene is from the Michael Mann movie Heat (1995) with Pacino and DeNiro. I remember seeing this scene for the first time and loving it. A lot. So much that I got the two-tape VHS (!) and later the DVD.

The second scene is from The Departed (2006) with DiCaprio and Damon. Although I’m not saying that these two actors have the same chops as the other two, the scene where Damon calls DiCaprio was incredibly tense and incredibly well-played. (Although the You Tube video doesn’t include the phone discussion that follows, this part definitely captures the tension.)

So which is better? Vote now.

And, now it’s your turn:

  • What scenes would you put up against the winner?
  • What scenes involving A-list actors didn’t work?

One thought on “Which scene is better?

  1. I have always thought the scene between Sean Penn and Tim Robbins at the end of “Mystic River” when Penn’s character urges a confession out of Robbin’s character. It was very intense and emotional. I would consider Tim Robbins A-list. Any scene with Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of the Lambs.” Especially the first encounter and when she comes back and Lecter has “talked” Buffalo Bill into killing himself. Chilling. There is also the scene between Kevin Spacey and Chris Cooper (maybe not A-list) in “American Beauty” where Cooper’s character attempts to kiss Spacey’s in the garage and then the resulting blood on the wall and the blood covered walk home. Very intense.

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