Car rental soundtrack: Virginia Beach

Was in Virginia Beach, Va., for a day to take part in a weird hazing ritual, but that didn’t stop me from making this car rental soundtrack. I needed something “peppy” and “motivating,” thought it does kind of mellow out at the end.

By the way, that peppiness and motivation is all crap. But it’s still a good CD. If anyone is driving a blue Subaru Impreza with a scratch on the fender and dent in the door, let me know.

  1. Thunder Struck, AC/DC. One of the best opening guitar licks of all time.
  2. Energy, The Apples In Stereo. Free off of It just seems like a happy song.
  3. The Plot That Weaves, Brothers Martin. Oh, if only Starflyer 59 or Joy Electric could sound like this all the time.
  4. The News (Extended Version), Carbon Silicon. Thanks, again, Will. All the news is good.
  5. Freedom, Daniel Johnston. The enigma that is Daniel Johnston. With the full instrumentation, I can almost get to like his voice. Free.
  6. Keep It Real, Jonas Brothers. Does this song destroy street cred?
  7. Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey. Is this really the most downloaded song on iTunes? I don’t care. Bring me a bandanna and parachute pants.
  8. Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus, Larry Norman. Heard about this song at a recent Pop Culture conference. It has a real southern rock vibe to it.
  9. Hotel California (Spanish Mix), Gipsy Kings. The song to easily one of the most memorable scenes in all of filmdom.
  10. Starlight, Muse. The band just released a new album, has a track on the New Moon soundtrack and is opening for U2. Life seems to be good for them.
  11. Dead Flowers, Townes Van Zandt. Another gem from the closing scene / credits of The Big Lebowski.
  12. Strangers, The Kinks. Staying with the film theme, I loved the use of this song in The Darjeeling Limited.
  13. Up Against the Wall, Peter Bjorn and John. Good vibe.
  14. Three Little Birds (B Is Version), Bob Marley & The Wailers. This acoustic version is possibly my favorite version and I only discovered it by watching children’s television. What a happy song.
  15. Blue Skies, Noah and the Whale. Good vibe. Free song.
  16. It Takes Two, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock. Pump up the jam.
  17. Lost, Morrissey. Required Morrissey inclusion.
  18. Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Sons of the Pioneers. Again, from The Big Lebowski. This is probably better as an opener, but had to take a back seat to AC/DC.

Here are some other car rental soundtracks.


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