R.I.P. Fair Use?

hopeposterThe admission of Shepard Fairey to lies and the destruction of evidence in his case against the Associated Press has done more than hurt the reputation of the artist.

This case has the potential to rewrite the rules on Fair Use policy, which pretty much allows unknown schmoes like me and you to do things like link to copyrighted pictures and content (see above).

But, now, because of this case, the momentum seems to have swung to the Associated Press, which probably means stricter rules for Fair Use by the time the lawyers get finished.

I’m all for the rights of copyright owners, but I also know that nothing is created in a vacuum; there is nothing new under the sun; we stand on the shoulders of others … and other clichés that I should cite.


One thought on “R.I.P. Fair Use?

  1. Just make sure you parody everything and then you don’t need the fair use act. Infact as a copyright holder, I can tell you that parodies even tend to skirt the copyrigt law and flaunt it.

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