Is U2 the second coming of Pink Floyd?

Never noticed it before, but when I saw them in Tampa recently, the end of U2’s “Walk On” sounded oddly like Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse.” It was a refreshing similarity.

I’m not the only one who’s had this thought. Russell Reising, in his 2005 book Speak to Me: The Legacy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, includes this end note:

The closing moments of U2’s ‘Walk On’ from All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2001) deliberately reference the cumulative emotional force of Eclipse and its status as a concluding statement of resulution: for example, ‘all that you see, all that you create, all that you wreck, all that you hate, all that reason, all that you speak … (p. 176)

Oh, yeah, this guy noticed it, too.

“Eclipse” is the emotional climax of Dark Side of the Moon. “Walk On” carries the name of the album (All That You Can’t Leave Behind) and, during that tour, was a climax of the show.

Here’s the lyrics:

All that you touch / All that you see / All that you taste / All you feel. / All that you love / All that you hate / All you distrust / All you save. / All that you give / All that you deal / All that you buy, / Beg, borrow or steal. / All you create / All you destroy / All that you do / All that you say. / All that you eat / And everyone you meet / All that you slight / And everyone you fight. / All that is now / All that is gone / All that’s to come / And everything under the sun is in tune / But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

And here’s the lyric for Walk On:

All that you fashion / All that you make / All that you build / All that you break / All that you measure / All that you steal / All that you can leave behind / All that you reason / All that you sense / All that you speak / All you dress up / All that you scheme…

But while the two songs have similar sentiments, they seem to go at it from different perspectives. The Pink Floyd riff says that nothing matters because everything has been eclipsed by the darkness. Everything is nothing. (Which seems a bit like Ecclesiastes, if you ask me.)

U2’s riff seems to say that nothing matters because we can leave it behind to walk into the light. (Which seems a bit more New Testament.)

So there you have it: Biblical proof that U2 is the second coming of Pink Floyd.

Or not.

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