Chalk one up for books

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Finally got around to seeing the Choke over the weekend. It was a classic case of the book easily outshining the movie.

Those who were too lazy to read the book before the movie came out, probably didn’t understand the hype. Those who did read the book before the movie were probably disappointed in the film.

Written by cult fave Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, of course), the book was delightfully dirty in its descriptions. It was the kind of book where you laughed, got embarrassed and looked around like you’re guilty to see if anyone noticed.

Now the big question: if I re-read the book, will my mind-pictures reflect the movie, or will it get to wander free as before? I’m thinking the former, not the latter.

The Heisenberg Effect (uncertainty principle) notes that the act of viewing a phenomenon changes it. It’s probably the same with books and movies.


2 thoughts on “Chalk one up for books

  1. All I did was watch the movie and I was disappointed. I think the best parts were when they were screwing around at work and pranking the boss – and that was just a bunny trail off the actual plot.

  2. For me, The Heisenberg Effect, completely changed how I view books and movies.
    I used to read the book months before the movie came out. I waited expectantly, if not a little frenzied and the movie never made the cut but I find now that if I wait to read till after the movie I have a richer experience and appreciation of both mediums. However, that doesn’t hold true for everything, for instance, Warner Brothers will not be getting another dime from me for Harry Potter nonsense.

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