Fuzzy Memories: Stryper

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stryperSaw an ad that Stryper (yes, that Stryper) was on its 25th anniversary tour and was making a stop at the local House of Blues.

I have to confess: I want to go.

I’ve seen Stryper twice, once on the “Soldiers Under Command” tour and again on the “Against the Law” tour. It’s the “Soldiers” date that makes me smile. If I remember correctly (and, again, the title of the post is “Fuzzy Memories”), I went as a freshman in college way back in the last century. They were playing in Lakeland, Florida, and myself, the great Kentuckian Chet Surrett (who went on to become a roommate … or was a roommate … again, fuzzy) and two female companions bought tickets for $15 from the Spec’s (in the shopping plaza with the Po’ Folks) and went to the show. We may have even stopped by Rax for a sandwich, though I doubt it. Unless someone else was paying.

I wasn’t a huge Stryper fan at the time (although I did have the cassette), but Stryper was one of the first “specatacle” bands that I can remember. I first heard of them in an early issue of Spin magazine before I left for school and thought it provocative. Think about it: here’s this loud, heavy metal band (the term “hair metal” wasn’t invented at the time), who wore these preposterous outfits, and they were Christians. Christians! They threw Bibles to the crowd (italics intentional). Wow.

That impression definitely made for an interesting juxtaposition for the second time I saw them: in some dive bar in Raleigh, N.C. There’s nothing like hearing glass beer bottles hit the floor during the power chorus of “Honestly.” Honestly.

Aah, fuzzy memories. What kind of fuzzy memories come to mind when you think of Stryper?

2 thoughts on “Fuzzy Memories: Stryper

  1. I love em! I run their official youtube channel for them. Catching them in Atlanta on the 21st! When i first heard of them doing this, back in 1985, junior in HS, i thought it was a gimmick. I got hooked on them after i got THWTD Tape @ Christmas. Been a fan ever since, and im blessed to be doing media and stuff for them! Stryper Rocks!

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