5 comedies that weren’t

Heard a review for the new Jennifer Aniston “comedy” that said it was more depressing than funny. Ever had that happen? You go into a movie expecting a laugh romp, only to be leave with tears in your eyes? That’s not always a good thing. It’s not necessarily a bad thing either, but the emotional sucker-punch takes some getting used to.

But, if that’s your type of movie, here’s 5 movies for you.

  • 1. The Family Stone: OK, boy brings unpopular snob home to meet family. She falls in love with brother. Haha. Oh, yeah: the mom dies of cancer.
  • 2. Matrix: Revolutions: Oh … wait … it was supposed to be like that? Oh, never mind.
  • 3. Elizabethtown: The advertising lead me to believe this Cameron Crowe film was Jerry McGuire meets Say Anything. But, oh, yeah: the dad dies and the mom needs to deal with the grief. (I’ve since forgiven him.)
  • 4. The Savages: Grown-up siblings who don’t like each other need to take care of their dementia-suffering father. He dies. The siblings no longer dislike each other, but don’t really like each other either. They tolerate. I guess it’s baby steps.
  • 5. The Weather Man: This was a “black comedy,” so I guess some of its yucks are supposed to be tinged with sadness. Plus it’s rated “R” so some inappropriate language at inappropriate times can draw a laugh or two. But, oh, yeah: the dad dies of cancer.

What are some of your other movies that zagged when you saw an advertisement that zigged?


5 thoughts on “5 comedies that weren’t

    • I like Weather Man too … it’s in my collection at home, but I guess when I first saw it, I was expecting more comedy and less black.

      However, now I always bet on black, thanks to Wesley Snipes!

  1. My friend was going through my DVD collection and decided to watch “Pieces of April” because the box said it was a comedy. She was quite disappointed that it wasn’t really a comedy.

  2. Well here’s mine, “P.S. I Love You.” All of my best girlfriends and I found ourselves single around this time, so everyone converges in Orlando to see what we think is going to be the ultimate chick flick, yeah. That didn’t happen, but in a strange way it made us all feel better and we all bought the DVD on the same day.

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