James Carville gets it

Say what you want about James Carville, but he gets it. Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, it doesn’t matter: he gets it. He’s good on television and he uses that to his own benefit. He knows that you can’t take it too seriously and self-deprecation is entertainment.

As Neil Postman wrote:

“Entertainment is the supra-ideology of all discourse on television. No matter what is depicted or from what point of view, the overarching presumption is that it is there for our amusement and pleasure.” (Amusing Ourselves to Death, p. 87)

I was touched both by the impressiveness of the SNL parody, as well as the reaction. He was, I think, honored and embarrassed. And he had his woman to back him up.

That’s the lesson about today’s media-blitz world: thick skin and a supportive partner.

Jon and Kate should’ve taken note.


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