Trailers for books: Douglas Coupland

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It makes sense: if they can do trailers for upcoming films and television shows, why not for books, too?

And Douglas Coupland’s mixture of world-weary cynicism and beautifully simple insight marry well here.

I don’t know what history will say about Coupland. He’s tied to his first book, Generation X, which, in this time of Generation Y, or D, or Millennials, seems a little passe. Kind of like being a veteran survivor of the ’70s will get you a nod, but no one really thinks you’re relevant.

But Coupland seems like he’s more than just a “spokesman for Generation X.” Sure, he’s no Stephen King or John Grisham, who have more name recognition. He’s not twisted enough to be Palahniuk. He isn’t a grand chronicler of the times like Tom Wolfe, either.

But he’s good at what he is. He tells little stories with odd twists of fate and a slightly skewed view of reality. He questions faith and ethics and values. His art seems fitting for this time: a mixture of pop and kitsch, and depth.

This isn’t the first time he’s married words with pictures. He’s an artist and his videos for The Gum Thief rival any music video anywhere.

Enjoy these and find some more.


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