Song Lyrics: Violent Blue

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Chagall Guevera
was a band that lasted about 20 minutes in the late 80s, early 90s. They released one album, that’s now out of print, but the music is out there. The fact that you can still readily hear it may speak to the fact that they were a little ahead of their time. No one had any clue what to do with them.

I got to see them once, in Nashville at a benefit for the late Mark Heard. They only sang one song (Heard’s “Treasure of the Broken Land”), but brought the house down. I think it was their last performance as a band.


On this song, “Violent Blue,” there are two lyrics that stick out to this song, a biting, beautiful letter to an old friend you don’t quite recognize anymore.

That was before you traded in your peace sign
For a finger


I think something happens with age. A cynicism that creeps in like a wrinkle that starts as a smile line.

And before you know it … it’s fingers for peace signs.

That theme jumps out early in the song when Steve Taylor sings:

When the perfume of belief was all we needed
It was all we needed
To set our sights

Again, when you’re young, it doesn’t take much to get you going. “Midnight and you want to go out? Sure, why not?”

When you’re old, it’s more like, “Midnight and you wanna go out? Sure, go ahead.”

Age. It happens to your body, but does it have to happen to your spirit, too?

(Note: Sorry the video just starts playing. Hope it didn’t make you jump.)


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