If movies were colleges

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If this clip from Fanboys is accurate, then the Star Wars-Star Trek rivalry would be considered the Duke-Carolina of the movie world.

Rocky Horror = Notre Dame?

Rocky Horror = Notre Dame?

If that’s so … then …

Rocky Horror is probably Notre Dame, you know, the classic, sentimental favorite that no one really roots for any more.

Twilight is probably Southern Cal, you know, all glitzy and good-looking.

Harry Potter would be Ohio State. Huge. Just huge.

The Big Lebowski … well … that’d probably be a party school somewhere, with a low retention rate (but it would be fun, albeit confusing, while you were there). Or a community college. Either way, it’ll tie your college years together.

Wes Anderson films would be some Ivy League school, you know, a little elite.

Coen brothers films would have a little of that elitist feel, too; probably an NYU.

Here are some others:

  • N.C. State: Smokey and the Bandit (a little redneckey, but fun);
  • University of Florida: You’ve Got Mail (all gooey and romanticey);
  • Florida State: Dukes of Hazzard (gooey and romanticey, but Southern)

Hmmmm … what about your favorite movie or college? Who would be the Magnolia (all drama), The Pulp Fiction (it’s a little out of order, but that’s why you like it), or Fight Club (probably a traditionally all-boys school like The Citadel).

Come on, movie people, as the college football season approaches, let’s not let the co-eds have all the fun. Let’s get our rivalries going, too!


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