Friends don’t let friends post “Friends” … do they?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Recently, several friends of mine have either moved or have just stopped by for a visit and then left again. So, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I post this.

For a people of a certain age, Michael W. Smith’s “Friends” is definitely in their life’s soundtrack, whether they admit it or not. It’s one of those “secret pleasures,” where you laugh at it … and then remember why it wasn’t that bad in the first place. I mean, there’s a reason cliches stick around for so long.

Where were you when you first heard that song? Where were you when you decided you didn’t want to hear it anymore? Where were you when you just accepted it was a part of your cultural makeup?

So here’s to all my friends: from the crew in Concord to the troupe in Tupelo; the happy ones in Hawaii to the chippy in Chi-town. And to all the ones who are still around. Why didn’t anyone stop me?

Note: From the youtube description: Taped in Fairfax, Virginia at the Patriot Center, George Mason University on May 2,1993. I chose this version because it was the oldest I could find. Dig the white suit, dude.


2 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends post “Friends” … do they?

  1. this was around the time of I’ll Lead You Home, my personal favorite MWS record.

    ever since I left for college, people have been making fun of me for being a fan, but everybody secretly loves this song.

    love smitty…even if he hasn’t made a great album since This is Your Time

    have you heard the 20th anniversary version of this? pretty sweet.

    ps. i miss you too

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